Church in the Marketplace


August 20, 2017

If worship is an “all of life” experience, then how do we worship when we’re feeling wounded; 
because every one of us gets wounded in life. Not just physically, but emotionally, spiritually and relationally.  In fact, those can be the deeper wounds. 
Often, we don’t remember the physical bumps, bruises and scars we got growing up but we surely remember the put-downs.  We remember what was said to us by teachers, friends, even our parents.  Things like - “you’re not going to amount to anything …, or you’re no good …”  Those wounds stick with us.
Whatever the wound - emotional, relational or spiritual and whatever it’s source - a person or a circumstance, worship is the antidote. 
In worship we can grieve and still honour God.  We can ask God for strength and wisdom and join with others for support.  And we can persist.  Our “keeping on keeping on” is an act of worship.