Church in the Marketplace

10th September 2017 - WORSHIP - A WAY TO BE

September 10, 2017

“The One who sent Me stays with Me.  He doesn’t abandon Me.  He sees how much joy I take in pleasing Him. When He put it in these terms, many people decided to believe.”  John 8:29-30
“How shall we worship?” - it’s a misleading question.  Because worship is more than certain religious behaviours and practices.  It’s more than singing.  It’s more than being at church.  It’s more than a ‘spiritual’ feeling.  It’s more than a compartment of our lives.  Worship isn’t situational, it’s relational.  Worship isn’t a way to act, it’s a way to be. 
Worship is our life. And just as it was true for Jesus, it’s true for us that we can have a great joy in living lives of worship, lives that are ‘pleasing’ to God.