Church in the Marketplace

11th March 2018 - WHILE ROME BURNS

March 12, 2018

Christianity is in many ways a paradox.

We are encouraged to go out into the world and make disciples yet it is obvious from our experience and the scriptures that we are aliens or strangers in this world.

We reach out with our Easter buns and Christmas farmyard activities on the mall in the hope that at least someone will respond. Our gifts are either politely received or impolitely rejected by the public.
As to our Christian message and what it represents, for most people it is “thanks but no thanks”.

Rejection, persecution and suffering are the indelible marks of a true individual Christian or Christian community.

1 Peter is the New Testament letter “par excellence” on rejection, persecution and suffering.
How did Peter recommend the Christian communities of his time deal with such responses ?

How do we, in our day and age, deal with them ?