Church in the Marketplace

1st April 2018 - 3D LIVING

April 2, 2018

Message by: Rev. Peter Godwin

First, we watched movies in black and white, then colour and now 3D.  Each advance brought a deeper and more rewarding experience than the one before. 
Easter, and faith in the resurrected Jesus, can be the same for us. 
We can see Jesus’ resurrection as simply a proof that he was uniquely who he claimed to be – the Son of God.  At a deeper level we can believe that Jesus’ resurrection is the promise, and the key, to life lived always, life lived eternally, in God’s presence.  Then, we can know 3-dimensional living - not just the proof, not just the promise but also the power of the resurrection.
Baptism is the Christians ID card, the mark of 3D living.  Baptism says I accept the proof and believe the promise and count on the power that was evident in Jesus’ resurrection.