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24th September 2017 - SEASONS OF LIFE - LONELINESS

September 24, 2017

In the beginning God says - "It's not good for man to be alone"  (Genesis 2:18)
All of us will face seasons of loneliness.
In 2 Timothy 4, we have the last words the Apostle Paul ever wrote. 
The last book, the last chapter, the last words.
He's dying, in prison, in Rome. 
He's about to be executed by Nero, the Caesar. 
All of his friends have left him. 
He's struggling with loneliness. 
Paul’s story reveals 4 common causes of loneliness -
life transitions,
opposition, and
Paul faces this season in his life by -
utilising his time,
minimising his hurt,
recognising God’s presence, and
emphasising other’s needs.
May God help us to do the same.