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25th February 2018 - JOY IN OUR FUTURE

February 26, 2018

By no means do I count myself an expert in all of this, but I’ve got my eye on the goal, where God is beckoning us onward – to Jesus.  I’m off and running, and I’m not turning back.
Philippians 3:12-14 (Message)
Every one of us is rushing into the future at a rate of sixty minutes an hour, whether we like it or not.  And our attitude towards tomorrow, has a powerful effect, on our joy today.  So, how are we going to live out our future? 
In Philippians 3 Paul describes how we can have a healthy attitude towards the future.  He talks about –
not being content with the present (“forgetting what lies behind”),
having a clear commitment (“straining to what is ahead”), and
defeating discouragement (“we must be transformed into heavenly bodies”).
May God help us to have our eye on the goal, to press on and not turn back