What Jesus Says to a Complacent Church

Choosing Which Doors We’ll Walk Through

February 9, 2020

If we’re to own a vision for how we live out our days and if we’re to fulfill God’s purpose for our lives then our choices are important. 
The word "door" is used in the Bible probably 400 or so times.  In the Bible a door can represent the entrance door of salvation, or the passage door of discipleship, or the service door of ministry, or the outside door to our mission in life.  It could be the access door of prayer, or the holy door of worship, or the door to fellowship in life.  
The author of Revelation sees God as sometimes opening doors in our lives and sometimes closing doors in our lives –The doors that I unlock and open, no one else can close. And any doors, that I shut and lock, no one will ever, be able to open ... So look!  I am placing before you, an open door, that no one can shut!”  (Revelation 3:7-8).
Our future will be shaped by which doors we choose to walk past and which doors we walk through. 

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