Church in the Marketplace

Give It A Rest

June 3, 2018

Message by: Paul Mulroney

Some people say the Bible is a rule book for living. Some rules get special attention. Christians regard the 10 Commandments as pretty important. The 4th Commandment starts by saying “Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy.” Jesus disciples were criticised by the Pharisees for picking grain to eat on the Sabbath. Picking grain was seen by them as work and not in keeping with the holiness of the day. Jesus stood up for his followers. He saw God’s commandments as quite different from a set of rules to follow.
We often assume that there are rules of behaviour that everyone, or at least all Christians, must follow. Most of the time that may be so but is it the approach that Jesus had to rules? Sometimes we are at our most un-Christlike when we want others to follow what we think are the rules.