Church in the Marketplace


July 30, 2018

Injustice is a fact of life. We wish that it wasn’t, but it is.
From the time we were small children, we understood the concept of injustice well. “It’s not fair!” Do you remember saying that to your parents or your teachers? Of course you do. We’ve all been there.
When we suffer as a result of doing something stupid, whilst it hurts, at least we can reconcile ourselves in the knowledge that we brought it upon ourselves. But when we suffer as a result of an injustice, when we’re experiencing pain that we don’t deserve, man that rubs salt in our wounds, doesn’t it?
The bottom line is that injustice magnifies the pain of our suffering.
So how do you respond when you’re suffering unjustly?
Probably a lot like Habakkuk in the Old Testament. He took God to task, because the injustice and the suffering of his people just wasn’t fair. He cried out to God, but God didn’t give him the answer he was looking for.
So today, we’re going to spend a bit of time with Habakkuk … because during his suffering and through the injustice, God wrought a mighty work in his heart.
And with all that I am, I believe God means to do a mighty work in our hearts, when we suffer injustice.