What Jesus Says to a Complacent Church


March 31, 2019

Salt of the Earth! When we use this phrase we mean that someone is a good, honest and reliable person. It is a compliment to be called salt of the Earth. Jesus tells His followers that they are salt of the earth. It seems that to be one of His followers there’s no alternative. What did He mean when He used the phrase? In His times salt was a preservative. Salt was also the name of a combination of minerals that was used as fertilizer.

Whether Jesus was talking about stopping things going rotten or helping things grow, when He said His disciples were salt of the Earth He was saying “Make a Difference!” That’s the message of the Beatitudes (Matthew 5). In Matthew’s Gospel the Beatitudes come immediately before Jesus tells the disciples they are salt of the Earth. That’s no coincidence. At Church in the Market Place we’re committed to Making a Difference. Sometimes we can do this by being part of a group. Other times it’s up to us. How salty are you?

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