What Jesus Says to a Complacent Church

Sunday 18.10.20

October 20, 2020
Today's verse evokes and describes the sense of the spiritual experience. It’s almost as though the Spiritual experience is best described with a body of water and a boat. In the beginning the spirit of God hovered over the waters, the story of Noah, the story of Jonah, of Paul and his shipwreck, off Jesus asleep in the back of the boat calming the sea and also in this story, the treacherous possibilities of the sea provide a portrait to frame what faith really is. 

In this story faith is a lot of things. Faith is obedient. The disciples got into the boat and started out the other side even though it was already late at night.
Faith is persistence. Sometimes it feels like you’re rowing all night for no reason against the wind and the waves that keep hindering you. Faith fights the negativity that can seep in when you cry out thinking, Lord why did you lead me into this futile situation. But faith pushes on.

Faith is courageous. Courage isn’t something you feel when you’re not afraid, courage is not letting your fear stop you or hinder you. Courage is a force of its own and Jesus wants us to have it when we hear him say, "it’s me."

Faith in Jesus enables us to thrive in harsh environments.

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