What Jesus Says to a Complacent Church

True Forgiveness

July 13, 2020

Four words probably define grace, better than any other phrase – “God is for us”. 

God is not just ‘with’ us.  God is not just ‘by’ us.  If we’ve invited Jesus into our lives, He's not just ‘in’ us, but the Bible says He's ‘for’ us.  The Bible says that God didn't just intend for us to receive grace.  He wants us to pass it on. 

Forgiveness is at the heart of God’s grace to us.  If we’ve been blessed by God He wants us to bless others.  If we’ve been cared for by God He wants us to care for others.  If we’ve been forgiven by God He wants us to forgive others.  

Matthew 10:8 reminds us to - "Give as freely as you have received." 

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