What Jesus Says to a Complacent Church


November 25, 2018

Scripture gives us a lot (around 100) “one another” instructions; things we should all do on behalf of our family in Christ.  About a third of these instructions deal with Christians getting along while another third are specifically about the church getting along.  Our “connectedness” in Christ is clearly something of significance.  Paul writing to the church in Rome puts it this way - “Christ makes us one body, and individuals who are connected, to each other” (Romans 12:5).
Of course, our experience is that it’s often easy for us to get “disconnected” in our relationships; our relationships within the church and in the wider community.  The Bible points to selfishness, pride, insecurity and resentment as four attitudes that cause significant damage to our relationships.  Selflessness, humility, love and forgiveness are described as relationship builders.
May God bless us as we seek to grow our “one another” relationships. 

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